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Sweet Dried Thai Tamarind for Sale

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  sweet seedless Tamarind from Thailand available.

Petchabun is the most well known province for its best sweet tamarind cultivation in Thailand, or even in the world. Thus, Petchabun's tamarind is claimed to be the most delicious ever tamarind people have tasted  Around the world, and in Thailand, Phetchabun city produces the highest amount of tamarind and supplies worldwide. The Thai government has made the city of phetchabun to be hosting an international Tamarind Cultural festival for over two weeks in the month of January every year. This particular specie, provides a mixture of sweet and a little bit of sour at the same time which make is the most preferred tamarind in the global marketplace.  

Such high quality fresh tamarind together with our advanced process and skilled labor, seedless sweet tamarind we produce can hardly be rival.  



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Sweet Dried Thai  Tamarind for Sale